Wednesday, February 18, 2009



Hello ladies.. We are currently having stocks for these shoes.
interested, do email us mkay?

Size : US 9'
Color : Black
Status : Available
Price : RM120 including delivery charges

Size : US 6' , US 7 - SOLD
Color : Brown
Status : Available - US 6'
Price : RM150 including delivery charges

Size : US 6.5'
Color : Gold
Status : Available
Price : RM125 including delivery charges

We also happy to announce that we are now considering to bring in stocks as many as possible, soon.. wheee!
but no worries, the pre-order is still open at all time.

As for previous collections, email us for the availability yeah?

till then, happy shopping =)

P/S : we wanna give a big hug to our beloved friends, Inverse and Style2Info for featuring us in their website. We are so delighted. Thanks and thanks!

In Her Shoes